Lynette Petersen

I highly recommend Christ the King Christian Preschool in Iowa City for every 3-5 year old! I interviewed many preschools in the area. I initially selected a preschool that was close to my home for convenience. I almost immediately removed my child from that cold, sterile, rigid, academic environment and enrolled him with CTK. I chose CTK because of the warm, accepting teachers. As a parent, I was welcomed and encouraged to visit unannounced whenever I wanted to. (I was not allowed to visit during the first several weeks at the other preschool?!) I felt comfortable and safe to leave my precious children at CTK. The unconditional caring the teachers helped my 2 children and my daycare child to thrive socially and learn basic age appropriate academics. I believe preschool should be about teaching children good physical and social boundaries and how to be a good friend. Learning about our best friend, Jesus Christ, is an awesome bonus. Our children are only 3-5 years old once. In my opinion, at this age they need unconditional acceptance and a safe place to learn; more than they need to sit like soldiers and learn to study academics. They will get all that in public school soon enough. I would have willingly paid double CTK’s reasonable prices for the SOLID, SAFE, NURTURING start they gave to my children’s educational journey.

The Barloon Family (Cosgrove, IA)

Our third child graduated from Christ the King Preschool, and we cannot imagine a more loving, supportive and fun experience for the kids!  We found CTK when our oldest started preschool, and were thrilled to bring her siblings back, despite a little bit of a drive to get there.  Not once in those three years we attended did I ever see any hint of disrespect or harsh words toward any child.  The environment is encouraging, fun, busy with activity, and the best way to introduce your child to a school environment.  We loved Christ the King and the teachers!

Corey & Carrie Houchins-Witt

Christ the King Preschool has been in integral part in our childrens’ lives.  The teachers are warm and loving, and our children have learned vital life skills. We have had experiences at other preschools that do not hold a candle to Christ the King.  In fact, our children have always asked “When does our real preschool start up again?”  Thank you for caring so well for our children!