Students are assigned to bring snacks on a rotating basis. Please use the following guidelines when planning your child’s snack:

  • Your child will be assigned to bring a snack only on a day he/she attends preschool. His/her name will appear on the snack calendar.
  • If we do not have school on the day your child is scheduled to bring snacks (due to illness or snow days), you may bring them the next time he/she attends preschool.
  • If your child will have a planned absence on a scheduled snack day, please trade with another parent and notify the teachers.
  • If you forget to bring snacks, your child will pass out snacks from the preschool supply, so he/she will not miss out on being snack leader. Please bring a nonperishable snack to replenish our supply.
  • An asterick beside your child’s name on the snack calendar indicates that your child can celebrate his/her birthday during that snack time. Please do not send cupcakes because they are so messy.
  • Please bring 25 items for snacks (we occasionally have spills or visitors).
  • Snacks must include two foods from two different food groups. We try to emphasize the importance of healthy snacks at school. Favorite snacks include: 100% juice, 2% milk, cheese, sausage, fresh fruits, and vegetables. Please cut any grapes!
  • A refrigerator and freezer are available for use at the preschool.
  • Please include 5 oz. waxed paper cups, napkins, and plastic silverware (if necessary).
  • On your child’s snack day, please place snacks in the kitchen by the preschool room and put necessary items in the refrigerator.