End of a Preschool Year/Beginning of a New Preschool Year

In May, we said “good-bye” to so many of our young friends.  Some of them moved on to Kindergarten and some of them moved away.  We also knew that some of our friends would be back to spend another preschool year with us.  Although, “good-byes” are tough, we enjoy seeing how much our students have grown throughout the year and get excited thinking about their next steps and future endeavors.

In September, we started a new preschool year and we greeted our new and returning students with a big “HELLO!” Beginnings are wonderful!  We get excited about all that lies ahead in the new school year.  We are blessed to learn about and get to know our students and their families.  We once again get to start this amazing journey and see the growth of our students as they learn throughout the school year.



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