Around the Classroom

We welcomed in the new year in January. Although it was cold outside, we stayed warm inside with our “Hot Cocoa Days.” Our preschoolers brought a mug from home and enjoyed chocolatey hot cocoa and yummy marshmallows. We also had fun dressing in a different color each day.
In February, we were spreading the love with our Valentine’s Day Parties, activities, and cards. The preschoolers also had a chance to show their classmates a special item from home during show and tell.
This year we had our second annual “Donuts for Dads” days. Our preschoolers enjoy spending special one on one time with their dads. During March, we also celebrated Easter and talked about how Jesus died on the cross for our sins. The preschoolers had a traditional Easter egg hunt in the classroom. (We were still finding plastic Easter eggs two weeks later!)
The teachers added a new theme in April called “Lights, Camera, Action.” The preschoolers acted out some popular stories such as “Where the Wild Things Are,” “Hats for Sale,” and “The Lost Mitten.” We even had a giant mitten for the preschoolers to crawl in just like in the story!
We started May with our “Muffins for Moms” days. I think the moms have just as much fun coming as the preschoolers have hosting this event. During the last week of May, the preschoolers will have beach parties. We may not have ocean front beaches in Iowa, but we love to pretend that we are on a beach for our beach parties. We will say good bye to our preschoolers and their families during our graduation parties. Some of our students will return next year and some of them will enter Kindergarten. The teachers are always amazed at how much our preschoolers have grown and learned over the school year. We will miss each and every preschooler that we have had the honor to teach this year. Have a great summer!


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